FRANTIC FORD FUNNY CAR TEAM at the 10th Annual Muscle Car Madness at the York Reunion

The “Frantic Ford” Funny Car Team has ramped things up in 2011 and will be looking to assault the competition in the funny car ranks.

George Reidnauer will be handling the driving chores in the low slung recreation of the 1977 Mustang II bodied team car on display at York Reunion

After an extensive period of time away from the sport, the legendary Frantic Ford name will once again make a return to active competition at venues throughout the U.S. Partners Bobby Frey & Al Liebmann will have “Team Frantic” planning to make special appearances at automotive related events throughout the course of the year.

The Frantic Ford name began life in 1970 when original owner Jim Fox made the switch from dragsters to funny cars. Veteran flopper pilots Ron Rivero, “Rapid Roy” Harris, Sarge
Arciero and the late Dodger Glenn have all spent time behind the wheel of this fabled east coast terror at some point in their careers. This coming season, the team looks to make a return to active competition and once again place this legendary machine in the winner’s circle. (more…)

The Day Jody And Junie Beat The Monster Mile

By Brandon Reed

With the NASCAR tour getting ready to hit the track at Dover, Delaware this weekend, we thought we’d take a moment to remember a highlight of Georgia Racing History that occurred at the “Monster Mile” this week over at Georgia Racing

Thirty years ago this weekend, Georgia Racing Hall of Fame member Jody Ridley outlasted attrition, heat, and tough competition to record his one and only Sprint Cup victory at Dover. He was one of just 13 cars left running at the end, and the drama didn’t end when the checkered flag fell! We take a look at the only win at the top level for Jody and for car owner Junie Donlavey this week over at Georgia Racing (more…)

Talladega and the Curse of Fonty Flock

By Brandon Reed

With the NASCAR tour heading for the mammoth Talladega Superspeedway this weekend, we thought we’d take a look at some of the weird goings-on at the track over the years, the the possible connection they have to a legendary member of the Georgia Gang this week over at Georgia Racing

Fonty Flock was a stock car racing champion and a proud member of the Georgia Gang. After hanging up his helmet in 1957, he began looking around for an opportunity to build a track that would continue the legacy of racing for him and his family. He spied a chunk of land between Birmingham and Atlanta, and thought that would be a great spot for a new super speedway. There was only one problem – he shared this information with NASCAR czar “Big Bill” France, Sr. That led to heartbreak for Fonty, and to the day he would place a curse (more…)

In Racing And In Movies, Needham Is An Original

By Brandon Reed

This week, we take a look at a true racing original over at Georgia Racing

Hal Needham came from modest beginnings growing up in Arkansas, but a decision to move to California

Photo Courtesy Robert Turner

to work as a treetopper opened the opportunity for him to become one of the greatest stuntmen in motion picture history. From that, Needham moved on to become a movie director and later, a dedicated NASCAR Winston Cup car owner. Paired with driver Harry Gant, “Burt & Hal’s Skoal Bandit” became one of the most popular teams on the circuit. With Hal’s autobiography, “Stuntman!” on the shelves, we take a look at this true NASCAR original this week over at Georgia Racing

Time is running out! You now have just about a week left to submit (more…)

A Decade Of Performance Memories



April 1, 2011

YORK, PA – A decade of performance heritage unfolds at the 10th Annual Musclecar Madness at the York Reunion on July 8th and 9th at the York Expo Center with the original “Hellzapoppin” Dragmaster dragster, Fred Carrillo’s

Bonneville roadster that was featured at the Detroit Auto Show, the late Dave Strickler’s Ammon R. Smith Auto Co. sponsored ‘62 and ‘63 Old Reliable Chevrolet’s, Jungle Jim Liberman’s Vega Funny Car and Pro Stock Vega,

Doug Thorley’s Javelin Funny Car, the Lynch Brothers top fuel dragster, Joe Amato’s top fuel dragster, Wally Booth’s Gremlin and AMX Pro Stock entries, along with World Champion’s Bruce Larson and Carol “Bunny” Burkett’s

funny cars plus a whole host of legendary race cars.

The annual event features a reunion for the world renowned York US 30 Dragway that closed in 1979. The show has also become the annual reunion for the Legends of Drag Racing who attend each year to visit with their

many fans from throughout the world. The charity of choice for the event is the (more…)

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