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Wheeler Dealer

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Bob McClurg Photo
Bruce Wheeler
@bruce-wheeler   11 years ago
This is a Bob McClurg shot of Wheeler Dealer 2, taken on Easter Sunday, 1969 at L'Fant Plaza in downtown DC. A few moments later some Federal cops came by, and told us we had to stop the session. We did, but Bob had already gotten all the shots he needed. The pics along with his story are in the July '69 issue of SS&DI.
Jack Thomas
@jack-thomas   11 years ago
Did you cackle it like Garlits did @ the Smithsonian ?
Bruce Wheeler
@bruce-wheeler   11 years ago
Would loved to have Cackled it, but we didn't have a starter so that was out of the question. Us being there that morning drew quite a few spectators who were quite well entertained by the goings on.
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