Virginia newby to this sight/remembering Capital City 500 early 70s Richmond
Bryan Keith Chandler2
Sunday February 14 2016, 5:52 PM

Richard Petty takes out several rows of 4th turn and straightaway catch fence with the rear end of his car courtesy of a tap from Bobby Allison, slid back off guardrail still in front of Allison and won the race. I was a kid in 4th row grandstand and saw it all. One of my favorite memories. Very interested in any stories, pics or esp. film.

Haven't figured how to navigate this great sight yet....58 year old technophobe still but Im working on it. In the meantime would really appreciate any of the above and pics stories videos from any Virginia race track. I've probably been to them all but my 1st was at Southside Speedway, Richmond ,Va. so kinda got a soft spot for that track.

This spring the old owner of Old Dominion Raceway in Manassa, Va is opening a new race facility in Thornburg,Va. about 15 minutes from where I live. Cain't wait for inaugural 1st oval race. This facility will have an oval track, Go-Kart track, road course, Drag Strip and believe it or not a Bar and Drive-in movie theater.

Would appreciate correspondents from anybody at

I grew up watching and knowing a few drivers like Sonny Hutchins, Al Grinnan, Ray and son Roy Hendericks, Jimmy Hensley, and who could forget "Terrible Tommy Ellis"? race at Southside Speedway on Friday nights, Langley Feild Speedway Sat. nights thanks to my good neighbor Floyd Crouch who worked on the track and in the pits. Sat in the stands with those drivers and more wives and families.

Saw many a fight....half the time Tommy Ellis would be in the middle of it. Like Lester Gupton ,too.

Any way would appreciate any. Thanks to all.

Bryan Chandler

Dave Fulton
@dave-fulton   4 years ago
The 60s & 70s were exciting times at Richmond Fairgrounds and Southside Speedway. In '72 Richard climbed the Armco coming out of Richmond's turn 4after a Buddy Baker tap, never lost the lead, came off the Armcoand won the race. Under the "Clubs" section you'll find tribute clubs to various Southside drivers - Sonny, Ray, "4-H Boys" etc.