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Hi, New to this site and looking for information about a stock car builder and racer from Lebanon Valley speedway by the name of Norm Guay. Norm raced from about 1959 thru 1963. He built a 1939 Ford 5 window Silver coupe with a flathead with the Black numbers  #300 on the side of it. His driver was Karl Hausseul.  Norm campained the car during this time and left the car to Karl when he quit racing. Only have 1 photo of he and Karl that exists at the Valley. My understanding is Karl drove a bit more then sold it to Stretch Van Steenburg. Stretch sold it to Rich Richie who drove it until about 1966 when it was totaled at Middletown. See many photos of Karl with his Corvair bodied race car but nothing of him in the coupe. Also looking for info on a black race car driver and builder by the name of Al or Art Green. He had his shop in Albany off Green St. in South Albany near the Port Bar and Grill from about the 1950's up until the late 1960's when the projects took that whole area. Was told he owned and raced Black Chrysler coupes with 6 cylinders. See 1 photo of his car at Pine bowl speedway numbered 3 1/7 or 317. He also owned and drove a midget at Menands ( Empire) Speedway. Cannot find anything on him. Any info on the above would be appreciated, Thanks.