From Thee Goat Rodeo – NASCAR Nirvana, TV Ratings, Go Cart Suspension, and, Canada Wants a Cup Date…Huh?

From Thee Goat Rodeo – NASCAR Nirvana, TV Ratings, Go Cart Suspension, and, Canada Wants a Cup Date…Huh?

By Jeff

As discussed in this week’s Goat Rodeo Show, NASCAR should be enjoying a nirvana of sorts this year…considering the achievement of several perceived goals. . We’ve had six different winners, JR is running well, and the racing has actually been pretty good by today’s (decreased in my opinion) standards. Anyone can agree there is certainly parity in the sport. So, what’s up with the TV ratings? Still decreasing, most any business person would be asking the what’s “wrong” with our TV Package. But, NASCAR continues along the same path, not wavering, even adding to the stupidity (again my opinion) of it’s presentation. TV ratings after Martinsville were reported to be the worst yet for that previously very popular venue. One can understand attendance being weak with the weather of the weekend. But, TV? Why? I can only tell you I can’t stand to hear the commentary of certain broadcast booth personalities. Perhaps I’m not alone. NASCAR, please consider that possibility. We really do want to see or sport return to the pinnacle it once held.We’ll never agree with everything you do, we never had. But, just want to add our two cents to the discussion.

Now, to the next subject in my rant and a popular subject of this week’s show. With the evolution of racing suspension, we’ve all seen the affect on tires over the past few seasons. I can only try to imagine the challenge Good Year faces each week to attempt to provide a tire AND suspension for each style of track. With the tire sidewall,  in essence, providing the only suspension on the car, where are we headed? What will be the tire of the future? Having never raced go carts, I can’t imagine what it is like to drive that type of set-up. But when we look at where many of today’s drivers got their start, it’s no surprise why it has become the preferred set-up.  Obviously something has to give. Will we see a revolution in tire technology to allow cars to continue going faster and putting more “pressure” on the patch? Or, will the NASCAR folks instill (more) new rules to back off the bump stops, etc.?

Our international contributor, Ked Dieter (from Canada) has been bringing us some Canadian racing history for the past few weeks. This week he should firmly on his soap box and told the world “We want a cup race!” I’m not sure how successful he expects to be in his quest. We’re not even sure if the rest of Canada agrees with Ked. But now we at least know how Ked feels.

Coast Jack Walker brought forth yest another Carolina Race Place historic race finish. Always a popular segment, I always love hearing him mentions the names of racers from our past. I’ve attached the podcast to this article, so you can listen to his segment and the whole show, if yo missed it.

The Bopper (Bobby Williamson) talked about a blast from my personal past…the defunct Atomic Speedway in Northeast Tennessee. The Atomic was demolished and replaced with a trucking company only to rise again next door as I-40 raceway. It’s always nice to hear about a tracking being built…or re-built instead of the news too often of tracks being closed. Thanks Bopper!

I’ll try to post some updates from the show more often. We always post Tim Leeming’s Legentorial here on the site, but rarely let you folks know what else we do on Thee Goat Rodeo. Thanks for stopping by. Be sure to check out all our archives at…and listen live on Monday and Tuesday nights whenever possible. We always replay the weeks shows in a 24/7 loop the week after they air live.


  1. It would be a blessing for Nascar if a brother team left the Fox Broadcast. That is why I only listen to MRN or PRN. I do have the TV on, but muted and have found radio does a much better job of reporting the race, not analyzing Danica’s woes or rooting for a certain 48 driver. It amazes me how excited 2 of the commentators get when he gets the lead. Most biased I have ever heard. Ned Jarret, Buddy Baker nor Eli Gold were like that..

  2. Great read and oh so very true in all respects. Perhaps it is just because most of the folks with whom I interact are the same type of fan, but we all agree the television ratings could be improved by removing the Waltrip brothers.
    As for the issue with the tires and suspension, that is just another area where NASCAR moved in and took away the creativity of the teams. Wish they would change that and maybe they will.
    NASCAR is apparently listening to some things being discussed between long time fans and new fans. I know how most long time fans feel and I have discovered, through personal interaction with several younger fans, that the feelings are much the same provided the younger fan is a true fan and not someone hooked on the thrill for a year or two. Again, I think, it goes back to how the fan was introduced to the sport and those introduced by the phony marketing of the sport are not the ones need to sustain the growth.
    Just my two cents (and I don’t give change).


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