Andrew Minney

Id needed

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Hi can anyone id this car?
I believe1953 at Birmingham after Gordon Bishop's crash in September 1953.
I have seen no other pictures of it or reports of it racing.
Can anyone help?
Twickenham (near London)
Jack Walker
@jack-walker   9 years ago
Andrew - I got some information on the car from Butch Nelson in Birmingham. Here is what he told me.Jack this car did race at BIR back in the mid 50S. It was built, maintained, and I am pretty sure owned by Hubb Babb. This car was driven for the most part by Gordon Bishop and I think he was from Anniston Al. Babb later built a late model low slung Studebaker maybe a 54 or 55 model with a V8 super charged Studebaker engine that was hard to hold. The car had many divers including Nascar star Jack Smith that did tame the beast a few times. Loads of power for the new Stude caused it to be on the trailer often but it was a win or bend car. I was maybe 12 or thirteen when this car pictured raced but I do indeed remember it. This info is around 60 years of age so be careful about betting the farm. SEE YA !!!!!!!!
Andrew Minney
@andrew-minney   9 years ago
Thanks for this Jack - some progress!Andrew
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