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    Kevin Render Vs Rich Panicaro

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    @racersandrods commented on @jim-wilmore's gallery
    one month ago

    [quote= I realize these photos and comments were posted a long time ago, but I was doing some research and ran across this site. I can shed some light on the question of "Who is Bud?"

    Leo "Buddy" Schroeder was my uncle, my mothers brother. He was the financial owner and sponsor of Pee Wee's cars over the years. My family was always very close to the Pobletts family and my parents traveled back in the day to a lot of Md and Pa tracks to watch Pee Wee race. 

    Jim James 

    "Dennis Garrett"]

    Jim Wilmore, Thanks for showing your old race photo collection of Jim Wilmore's Photos (470).

    Thanks for showing Bruce Craig's old race photo collection that shows an photo of #46 and #33 race cars:
    Photo #1. #46 "Pee Wee", dog collared fasten door, "Bud"
    Who is #46 race car owner?
    Who is "Bud"?

    Photo #2. egg-shaped cut-out in driver's side door Section of #33 race car and big rear window cut-out.
    It reminds of the big driver's side window cut-out and rear window cutout of the Ray Hendrick's Flying #11 Modified race car.
    Who is #33 race car owner?
    Who is #33 race car driver?

    Thanks for any informaton or photos posted.
    Dennis Garrett


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    @kalieth shared gary66's gallery
    one month ago
    posted: 01/04/09 01:19:14PM
    by: Gary66
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    Dave Fulton
    @dave-fulton commented on @david-hawkins's gallery
    2 months ago

    Max Berrier drove the #90 that day. Sonny was in the Zervakis #01.

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    @janet3031 commented on @trisha2528's Timeline
    2 months ago

    Found my Grandfather on findagrave.com does anyone know of him? He died on May 12, 1963 in Stock Island Raceway. He worker for his dads company Turner Electric in Stock Island. He died at 27 yrs old. 


    My Daddy knew him, his father and mother well. Daddy worked at Turner Electric in the early 1960s and raced at Stock Island. 

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    @janet3031 commented on @trisha2528's gallery
    2 months ago

    My Dad was working  at Turner Electric when Bobby Jr. ( that's the name my dad knew him by) died in 1963.

    Jeanne Milstead

    Best Uncle EVER! 

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    Dale Earnhardt street art graffiti in Thailand

    Dale Earnhardt street art graffiti in Thailand

    Dale Earnhardt graffiti spotted around the many streets of Pattaya city in Thailand...

    Dale Earnhardt graffiti

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    Rockingham NC Speedway 2022 Open House

    Saturday March 5 2022, 8:30 AM • Rockingham Speedway and Entertainment Complex,...
    Free Parking, Free Admission CARBS tour test day plus Allison Legacy race. Drive your car on the Rock for a fee. Donny Allison and Will Cronkrite...
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    Jeff Droke
    @jeff-droke Liked @james-hylton's gallery
    3 months ago
    @rickparker21 rated @highwallers-racing-team's gallery with a "5"
    3 months ago
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