A Billy Biscoe (rusty racer) Feel Good Story
Tuesday June 7 2011, 3:33 PM

By Randy Myers

Back in April I was at Charlotte Motor Speedway for the Food Lion Auto Fair. Ol "rustyracer" (Billy Biscoe) had a few pieces on display for sale in his spaces and while I was sitting there talking with him, a lady picked up a tarnshed silver bowl from the piles of stuff on display. She carefully examined the bowl, then gently placed it back on the table.

Curious doesn't describe my thoughts as the lady gazed at the bowl. I asked Billy where the bowl came from and he told me to just get it and have a look.  As it turned out, the tarnished silver bowl was the trophy from the Pocono Raceway Modifed "qualifier" at Bowman Gray Stadium in 1978. Billy had the trophy priced quite reasonably at $125.00 but that was out of my price range so Billy, knowing how much I loved racing history, gave it to me.  Only thing he asked was to let him know what I found out about the trophy.  He said he bought it at a Hospice "tag" sale in Burlington. We both wondered how it came to be at that sale.

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