Billy & Barbara Scott

Billy Scott 50 & Stick Elliott #57

From Billy Scott Collection
Billy and Stick Elliott in one of their close battles at Metrolina Speedway in Charlotte, N.C.
a true race fan
@a-true-race-fan   8 years ago
that doesnt look like stick driving to me - stick never wore a red helmet - he wore white - blue and silver- mostly blue and silver ones - to small a driver to be stick - cant see the name over the door very plain - could be freddie smith - several drivers other than stick drove this car - freddie smith and carl smart are two i remember - come to think of it billy scott drove it a few times also .
Billy & Barbara Scott
@billy-barbara-scott   8 years ago
Could be someone else, just know the photogragher who sold iit to us said It was Stick. Know for sure he was driving it the night he put us into the wall on the last lap, sending Billy to the Hospital for a few days, but but we won the race as it was announce while we were at the hospital. Will be happy to correct if anyone can verify it. Thanks for your comment.
@gary66   8 years ago
Carl Smart is in the 57 in this shot.
a true race fan
@a-true-race-fan   7 years ago
got this one confirmed - freddie smith in this picture - one of the calvert boys who worked on freddie smiths double zero car took this picture at metrolina speedway - and yes this photo got handled around alot - i remember billy scott driving this car at metrolina a few times .
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