Glen Wood Turned 92 This Week

8 months ago
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Mr. Glen Wood turned 92 years young this week and I was honored to be able to attend the family get-together at the Wood Brothers Racing Museum in Stuart, VA.  The crowd ranged from Jon Wood's kids to NASCAR Hall of Fame members.  Len and Eddie Wood unveiled Leonard's latest creation.  A 1962 Ford Starlifter.  Another beautiful "tribute" car to add to the collection at the museum.  A couple of Hall of Famers slipped in the back door after the cake was cut to add to the excitement of the day.  Dale Inman and the "King" got there in time for a piece of cake and some photos.  A great time was had by all. Eat your heart out Tim Leeming! Photo credit to Mr. Clyde Mangum.

TMC Chase
8 months ago
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Dave Fulton
8 months ago
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A terrific patriarch of a wonderful family.

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