What is Wrong With NASCAR From the Eyes of an Old Fart/FanPart Five

08/18/17 08:15:27AM
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Part Five

How many of you remember the famous Walt Kelly cartoon strip, "POGO"  POGO coined the phrase, "We have met the enemy and he is us".  Maybe it IS time we all took a peek in the mirror.

Every day I read on site after site, one face book page after another and blog after blog about the downfall or demise of NASCAR.  Riddle me this!  If you were not familiar with racing and NASCAR in particular and all you read, day after day was negativity, would you waste your time paying for a seat or tuning in on a Sunday afternoon to watch.  Same goes for the sponsor side.

Don't get me wrong. As I have stated before, there is plenty NASCAR could do to help their product.  It ranges from fixing the dang car to eliminate the "aero" push to cutting some laps from some of the races to letting nature take her course with some of the on-track action.   Growing the sport back to its roots would go a long way to developing the fan recognition needed to regrow out sport.

I think most of us know that things aren't going back to what we grew up with but our sport isn't the only one to continue to make changes.  Baseball has eliminated things to speed up the game.  The same goes for the NFL, NBA and hockey.

The good old days are gone.  Its time to move ahead on both fronts.  Our side as well as NASCAR.

I was watching the Golf Channel one night last week.  They were interviewing the President of Quail Hollow CC in Charlotte about the changes in the game. I quoted the gentleman in a reply to Tim and I am going to use it again here. He, in a very positive way, said there were three ways people viewed those changes.  He said, "There are those who fear change, those who watch change and those who embrace change".  I have given a lot of thought to his comment in the days since.  Could it be that the time has come to embrace the changes to the sport we all love?  If for no other reason, to help save what we have left?? 

Part five will be the last for a while.  I can't keep up with the changes as it is and now NASCAR is considering getting rid of the jack man on pit stops.  What will they screw up next??

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danny whitener
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Keep writing, Randy

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Keep it up