August 1, 1971 - Petty Blue wins the Dixie 500

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Three years ago, I began a year-long project to blog about each of Richard Petty's 200 wins. I learned a lot as I went along - about the races themselves and different folks who saw many of King's wins or had some info they were willing to share with me about various races. I remain grateful to those who helped me along the way, and many of my posts continue to get web visits.

As I got started, many of my early posts were rather concise. Date, track, win number, an article, maybe, a picture, post. But as the series moved along, I found myself including more content where I could about how the race unfolded and even storylines from the race NOT involving the Petty car(s).Rather than leave the posts 'as is', I've chosen to revisit them along the way as I find new things to add.

I added many of the links to my blog posts here, but I'm pretty sure I didn't have 100% hit rate. My first post was about the August 1, 1971 Dixie 500 at Atlanta. I've searched, and I can't find that I posted about it on RR. So here ya go. And here is the link to my original blog post:

Richard Petty wins his 134th race in the Dixie 500 at Atlanta International Raceway (now Atlanta Motor Speedway). With the win, he becomes the first NASCAR driver to top $1 million in career earnings.

Teammate Buddy Baker in a white #11 Petty Enterprises Dodge Charger wins the pole but ends up 25th in the race. - Getty

RacersReunion and Schaefer Ring of Honor member, [ Ron Willard ] (aka Bruton or GaPettyFan to some), attended the race and remembers it this way:
I was at the 1971 Dixie 500. As usual for July here, it was hotter than Hades. I wasnt quite 8 years old and spent the better part of the next few months thinking The King won $1 million that day. When it was explained what actually took place, somehow it no longer seemed like so much money.

The only other car to finish on the lead lap was Petty's perennial rival, Bobby Allison. Petty's Pepsi Plymouth and Allison's Coke Machine finished nine laps ahead of third-place finisher Benny Parsons.

Article and pictures courtesy of Jerry Bushmire.

A week after the race, Petty's win and accomplishment of notching one million dollars in career earnings was featured in the August 9, 1971, issue of [ Sports Illustrated ] .
Fin Driver Sponsor / Owner Car
1 Richard Petty Pepsi (Petty Enterprises) '71 Plymouth
2 Bobby Allison Coca-Cola (Holman-Moody) '69 Mercury
3 Benny Parsons L.G. DeWitt '69 Mercury
4 Charlie Glotzbach Mendenhall Chevrolet (Richard Howard) '71 Chevrolet
5 Friday Hassler Friday Hassler '70 Chevrolet
6 Donnie Allison Purolator (Wood Brothers) '69 Mercury
7 Ron Keselowski Roger Lubinski '70 Dodge
8 Frank Warren Frank Warren '69 Dodge
9 James Hylton Hylton Engineering (James Hylton) '70 Ford
10 Bill Champion Bill Champion '70 Ford
11 Richard D. Brown Junior Fields '71 Chevrolet
12 Cecil Gordon Cecil Gordon '69 Mercury
13 Marty Robbins Coca-Cola (Marty Robbins) '69 Dodge
14 Jabe Thomas Don Robertson '70 Plymouth
15 Bill Seifert Bill Seifert '71 Ford
16 Bobby Brack Hopper-Crews (J.C. Crews) '69 Ford
17 J.D. McDuffie J.D. McDuffie '69 Mercury
18 Walter Ballard Ballard Racing (Vic Ballard) '71 Ford
19 Ben Arnold Ben Arnold '69 Ford
20 Henley Gray Henley Gray '69 Ford
21 Wendell Scott Wendell Scott '69 Ford
22 Dick May Doc Faustina '70 Plymouth
23 Earl Brooks Tom Hunter '69 Chevrolet
24 Pete Hamilton American Brakeblok (Cotton Owens) '71 Plymouth
25 Buddy Baker Petty Enterprises '71 Dodge
26 Dick Poling Kaye Engineering (John Keselowski) '69 Dodge
27 G.C. Spencer G.C. Spencer '69 Plymouth
28 Paul Tyler Paul Tyler '69 Mercury
29 John Sears J. Marvin Mills Heating & Cooling (John Sears) '69 Dodge
30 Bill Dennis Junie Donlavey '69 Mercury
31 Neil Castles Howard Furniture (Neil Castles) '70 Dodge
32 Charlie Roberts Charlie Roberts '70 Ford
33 Bobby Isaac K & K Insurance (Nord Krauskopf) '71 Dodge
34 Coo Coo Marlin Cunningham-Kelley (H.B. Cunningham) '69 Chevrolet
35 Joe Frasson Joe Frasson '70 Dodge
36 Ed Negre Ed Negre '69 Ford
37 Dub Simpson Harold Furr '71 Chevrolet
38 Raymond Williams Raymond Williams '71 Ford
39 Dave Marcis Dave Marcis '69 Dodge
40 Elmo Langley Woodfield Ford (Elmo Langley) '69 Mercury

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I guess you'd get thrown in the NASCAR jail today for wearing a skirt like the one on the program cover. Of course, it it were one of our guy members, we might be in the Hampton or Jonesboro jail before NASCAR got to us to enforce political correctness!

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