Racing History Minute - July 4, 1949

TMC Chase
5 months ago
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NASCAR's modified division raced at Spartanburg's Piedmont Interstate Fairgrounds on Independence Day, 1949. A Who's Who line-up of drivers - many who found their way to NASCAR's Grand National and Convertible divisions - raced that Saturday in South Carolina.


Race preview. The line-up included two 10-lap heat races, a 15-lap semi-final race, a 10-lap consolation race, and a 35-lap feature (or maybe 30 laps).


And as the preview somewhat predicted, Fonty Flock returned home the happiest. Curtis Turner led the first 25 laps of the feature, but Fonty got by Pop and led the remaining laps to capture the win. The preview article said the feature was to be 35 laps, but the race report said it was 30. So who knows.


Schaefer: It's not just for racing anymore.