Seeking Original Owner -- 1966 NASCAR Car Hauler

Ramblin Randy
3 weeks ago
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My old hauler is a real beauty... made in 1966 and was customized by Holman Moody. Holman did 12 total haulers in this similar style I'm told. Looking for that one person who knows something about these old rigs.

I purchased the rig off of the Hagerstown Speedway a few years ago. The title said it last changed hands in 1976. In the late 70's and 80's the speedway sponsored Bobby Allison. I'm told Mr Allison would race a NASCAR event one week and if the $$$$$ was good he'd be racing a dirt track the next week. On a side note I asked my old landlord Bucky who raced at the Hagerstown Speedway if he ever raced against Allison, and he shot back: "Yes I did, and I beat him... I had rent due that week...!"

I have photos of Bobby's #22 car on the back of this exact truck in the 1980's so that fact is proven. My wish is to find who this truck was assigned to when it was built in 1966. Any productive leads or photos greatly appreciated. There is what some call some Petty Blue paint under the front fender wells... that sorta added to the mystique when I purchased the truck in 2004.

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