Harry Bryant

Lester Gupton at Langley Speedway

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Lester taking the checker at Langley
Harvey Peck
@harvey-peck   5 years ago
I was so young at the time and can't recall for sure but I believe that is Dick Purdue, Lesters arch Nemesis starting beside him.... Always a big rivalry since both were from Hampton and Newport News, VA respectivley.... Ah, those were the days
Dave Fulton
@dave-fulton   5 years ago
Remember Dick as well running Southside in Richmond on Friday nights.
Harvey Peck
@harvey-peck   4 years ago
Just so he's remembered as more than an "also ran"..... He was my childhood hero and a more than one time champion..... Two track championships in 1973 and the much prized State Champion to boot.... Didn't enjoy quite as much success in the late models, just never had quite enough car....  Continue your RIP Lester..... Hell NO I'LL NEVER forget ! ! ! 
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