Johnny Mallonee

the six pac that drinks and drives

After about everyone has walked by the fabulous beer motor I understand no one saw how this engine actually ran on beer. Its truly amazing how it works. Does anyone care to speculate on how this actually works. Lets see if anyone other than its fabulous owner dare to tell. I know do you???
Dennis Andrews
@dennis-andrews   9 years ago
It appears that the center carb has a separate fuel supply from the two outboard carbs.Dennis
Michael W. Smith
@michael-w-smith   9 years ago
I don't know how it works myself. I thought I did but when Jerry Smith of Stars Radio dumped almost a full can of beer in the middle carb and it started right up and ran while he dumped the rest in the other two carbs it got me wondering? Maybe there is something to that High test Miller Lite beer!
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