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Thomas Warren2
@thomas-warren2   7 years ago
Hi Mort, looks like you got the video of the day. Great day for a drag race. Tom.
Jack Thomas
@jack-thomas   7 years ago
Way too much traction for these front motor cars.
Lynn W. "Mort" Morton
@lynn-w-mort-morton   7 years ago
Jack , I agree ! A few people I 've told about this said it wasn't the first time for them . You would think they'd learn ?
Bob Wenzelburger
@bob-wenzelburger   7 years ago
Whew!!!!! Saw him do that at Beech Bend a couple years ago, but it was worse this time.
Thomas E Loughlin Jr
@thomas-e-loughlin-jr   7 years ago
This was nearly the Tom Loughlin Jr fueler...JImmy King offered it to me, running, for $3800 after the appearance at ESTA-Cicero NY. Didn't do it. Drat. That could have been the start of a perfectly expensive escapade. Tom
Don Nelson
@don-nelson   7 years ago
it is Worth too much run it ....
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