Thurmon Tilley

Tilley #39 1956

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Ray Tilley #39 in action at Coastal Speedway, 1956..
Jack Walker
@jack-walker   14 years ago
Thurmon - This is a much better copy of the same photo your Dad sent me in 2005. The red, white, and blue Woodland Esso car looked great in addition to being a winner. As a kid this is one of the few cars I can remember from Coastal Speedway almost like it was yesterday. Ray Tilley finished 3rd in the 1955 Coastal Point standings, 1st in 1956, and 9th in 1957. He was driving the #39 when he won the Hobby Point Championship in 1956.The W-1 also in this shot was driven by Chuck Padgett from Wilmington, NC. .... Jack
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