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TMC Chase
@tmc-chase   4 years ago
This race was seemingly born under a bad sign. It was originally scheduled for Sunday, March 25.

Rains postponed the race to the following Saturday, March 31.

But the following Saturday, yep more rain.

FINALLY the race was re-scheduled for June 10 - the original date for the Dixie 400 that was then moved to October 28 and won by Rex White, his final GN win.

TMC Chase
@tmc-chase   4 years ago
Even with running the race on the 3rd scheduled date, rain STILL played a factor in the race. Heavy clouds lingered all day and finally said "Yeah, we're in charge now." Rain began to fall, and the 500-mile race was called final after only 328 miles.
Tom Clegg
@tom-clegg   4 years ago
The second race I had attended - rained and turned the infield into mud!
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