Lil Bud Moore

Tim Leeming
7 years ago
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Lil Bud has supported this site from the beginning. Lil Bud is a friend or mine, a really good friend of mine. I want to pass this along to all you others who also know Lil Bud and whose lives have been touched by the opinionated man with the marvelous sense of humor.

Lil Bud suffered a stroke several weeks back. His recovery was progressing, not a rapidly as he, nor anyone who loves him would like, but nonetheless progress was being made. Now the word comes down today that Lil Bud has just been diagnosed with ALS. One may call that a very unfair world, but knowing Bud, he's probably thinking of it as just another thing he has to overcome.

As always, prayers would be appreciated. What a blessing he has been to me personally, and to this site.

God bless you Bud Moore, the "Little" Bud Moore.

What a change! It's been awhile since I've checked in and I'm quite surprised. It may take me awhile to figure it our but first look it's really great.

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Blane Moon
7 years ago
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Spent time talking to 'Lil Bud this past April. Always enjoy listening to him tell a story. Great guy!

Dave Fulton
7 years ago
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Did some serious partying with Little Bud back in the day. Prayers go out to Bud and family.

"Any Day is Good for Stock Car Racing"
Leon Phillips
7 years ago
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Thanks for posting Tim will do

Charles Craig
7 years ago
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Get well Little Bud. I want you to be with us at my reunion in October. Charlie Craig

7 years ago
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I'm sorry to hear this. My thoughts are with him. There are drug trials in work in many areas and I hope he is able to participate in one for ALS.