• Rules Of Engeagement

    RacersReunion.com has been created to recognize, reminisce, and celebrate the history of auto racing. It is our hope this site will become a living, growing, historical document to educate younger fans and give the older fans a walk down memory lane. We wish to do our part to ensure the future remembers our past. It is perfectly alright to compare then and now. Discussions about racing today are welcomed.


    Please feel free to share your, photos, memories, comments, and your opinions. This is an open forum and all opinions are welcome as long as they do not come in the form of personal attacks or make statements that are defamatory in any way. I'd like to point out that one of the definitions I often give for RacersReunion is that it represents a group of "like-minded" enthusiasts. That doesn't mean that we do not appreciate all opinions...we do. But having said that, if you are one of those who are "different-minded" on a particular subject, please do not make this the place you have chosen to pick a fight to prove your point. Just state your opinion in a non-confrontational manner. We do not want our forum posts to become "controversial" to the point that folks leave angry.

    If you are socially challenged, perhaps it would be best for you refrain from interaction....you're still welcome to look and read!


    The text editors on this site also accept hyper-links, photos and videos. 


    The following guidelines will be adhered to without exception:


    1. Fortunately we were able to remove the language filter a while back, so please keep posts and comments free from foul language. Consider writing them in a manner that will enable parents to encourage thier children to read them. Without the language filter we can see Dick Trickle's name as I just wrote it instead of **** Trickle. Do you see the advantage? Now when someone is searching on the web for information about, or photos of Dick, they can hopefully find it on our site. Otherwise they would have to know to search for **** Trickle.


    2. If you do not like someone or some organization involved in racing today or the past, it is certainly OK to say that so long as you don't add he/she or that organization is a (fill in the blank). Please also refrain from making accusations of any person or organization. You may keep that part of your comments or post to yourself. It is unnecessary to share it and will not be tolerated. There are no "open" seasons for people...gophers, however are in season all year long....no limit.


    3. Number three is added to further clarify #2. We will not tolerate any sort of public attack (bashing) on another member of this site...or any other site, place, or organization. When folks enjoy the historical accounts we, through sharing our memories, have provided, we do not want it to, and will not allow it to be cluttered with degrading comments.


    4. While some do not like to read about older fans complaining about current racing situations, we here at RacersReunion.com, feel like we have earned the right to voice our (negative to some) opinions. Afterall we did our part to advance the sport we love. Having said that, be careful and considerate of others (refer to #s 2 & 3 when necessary).


    5. There is one rule NASCAR has had since the beginning that covers all the gray areas for which there may not be a specific rule. You know what it is..."Actions detrimental to the sport." Number 5 is just that. In other words it is subjective and left to the moderators of the site to determine if any comment is an "Action detrimental to this site" and its purpose. We reserve the right to delete any portion or all of a post or comment for "Actions detrimental to this site".


    6. We will not tolerate publicly carrying out petty disputes and displays of clashed personalities. We all probably have somebody we don't like, this is not the place to make that point.


    7. No form of spamming will be tolerated and advertisements shall be posted in our free classifieds only....with the exception of qualified events (which should be posted on the Events Calendar) and charitable efforts.


    8. Please refrain from making posts about religion or politics as these subjects create lines of division that lead to disagreement. We do believe in our rights to speak freely about these topics, but this is not a political or religious site. If we stick to racing and racing history, we'll all get along much better.


    9. We reserve the right to amend these guidelines without notice or group approval.


    10. Inappropriate posts and / or comments will be handled in the following manner:

    a. Inappropriate portions or all of the post or comment in question will be removed and the violator will be notified and warned.

    b. In the event the same person violates our guidelines a second time, a second warning will be issued in hopes to help that person better understand our guidelines and intent and to retain that relationship.

    c. Third-time offenders will have their posting privileges removed and may at the discretion of site management be removed permanently from the site.

    d. There will be no exceptions

    11. Don't Feed the Trolls.

    Definition from the Urban Dictionary:Troll-One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.

    Regardless of the temptation, it is best not to engage the trolls....as that is normally their plan. We'll do our best to rid the site of these pests.

    We made it 3 1/2 years without having to post these guidelines. We realize as the site grows there have to be rules to ensure this site does not end up the way many have gone. When "Actions detrimental to this site" are allowed, the process escalates and an otherwise contribution turns ugly. We certainly hope you enjoy your visits with us. Help us fulfill our purpose by being considerate of those with whom we engage, and especially those who will read our contributions. Thank you!

    RacersReunion.com Site Administration.