Dirt Track Dreams...The Tunis Speedway Chronicles

Jim Volgarino
7 years ago
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This book documents the 35 year history of Tunis Speedway in Waterloo, Iowa. Not conclusive by any means, it is an effort to preserve a history of a local dirt track that closed and had no history recorded anywhere including the local museum and reflects the lost history of many track across the country that have not been documented. Books can be ordered via www.tunisspeedway.com.

The author produced this project strictly as a labor of love (books are expensive to print!) and is interested in getting involved in similar projects where images and stories can be pulled together to tell the stories of other tracks, racers and the people that grew up racing on some of America's best small tracks before disappearing into closets, attics, basement archives, etc. I'd love to help!

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Jeff Gilder
7 years ago
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Great to have you posting about this. This kind of project is what RacersReunion® is all about. 1. We would love to do an interview with someone about this on one of our shows. 2. How can we help?

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