New Drag Racing Series for the Everyday Guy - American All Track Racing Series

American All Track Racing Series
13 years ago
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American All Track Racing Series is a new series for the everyday guy and the Outlaw/Sportsman/E/Z Street guy.

We don't charge a lot for our tech cards, our membership fees are extremely low, we offer great member benefits, high cash purses, and events for guys who always wanted to race but never could. Now they can bring their daily drivers and race, enjoy what they love to watch and go home feeling like a star.

Our first race is in May 20-22 at Tulsa Raceway Park. We have 3 classes:AATRS Ultimate Outlaw, AATRS Extreme Street and AATRS Factory Street. Outlaw class is for the 10.5 guys with a 30k cash purse the other 2 classes are for street legal cars with cash purses of 7.5k each. Currently memberships are 5.00 for non members 15.00 for 1 yr membership and 25.00 for 2 yr membership.

Here are some of the member benefits

Member Voting Rights

Member Profit Sharing

Member Emergency Fund

Member Vacation Discounts through Wyndam Worldmark

50% admission to all AATRS Events

T Shirt and Membership Cards

Sponsor discounts

We do our tech cards differently so we can get more guys to come out to race. Instead of these races where everybody has to pay 100, 150, 200 for tech cards and the race is for a top 16 or 32 cars to race for the purse. That means all the guys that didn't make the top group had to pay 200 bucks to watch the other guys. Well our tech card to qualify is 30.00. So that means more guys can come out to qualify for the big money and if they don't qualify they aren't out of pocket that much. We also open the prize purse to more than 16 or 32 guys. We believe that a lot of guys should have a chance at the purse, so what we did was, we say depending on the car count is the amount of cars that qualifies. For example if 300 cars come out, we will say that 200 cars qualify for the cash purse. So now 200 guys instead of 16 or 32 guys have a shot a winning the purse.

We all know that sometimes cars don't hold up, we get a little lucky on the track, we get the holeshot to win. So we feel like more guys should have a chance to race for real money.

Also we will be broadcasting all 7 races online and filming the races in HD for a racing series show for 2012. Also the winners get 5 min interview with Dennis Michelsen and press releases about their wins. Top 30 cars qualify for our national event in November.

For rules and event info you can go to

Hope to see you guys there

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American All Track Racing Series
13 years ago
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I hope to bring out everybody at all of our events, I am working with contingency connections to increase the prize purse for the drivers. It should be fun, especially the factory street class where you can bring your factory stock car out to race. Bring out your tarus, bring out your 350z, your moms minivan and come race and have a great weekend.