Arnie Swensen

Geir Hendum
12 years ago
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We are some Norwegian relatives to Arnie Swensen from Swensen & Lani whom trying to obtain some information of his current situation.

However, we have some not-confirmed indications that he passed away some years ago.

Arnie was born in 1938 and also have an older brother, Karl, born in 1934 and married to Anna.

Parents was Emma and Sivert (Sam) Swensen, born in Norway, but lived in New Jersey since they emigrated to USA in 1947.

We will very much appreciate if somebody that have some knowledge of either Karl and/ or Arnie could help in our efforts to get in touch with them.


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JAck Redd
12 years ago
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Geir, check your site for some information. I hope it helps.

In case it doesn't get thru - checkout and Diane "the Doc"


Good Luck!

7 years ago
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I am a friend of Arne (not Arnie) Swensen.

Are you still looking to contact him?