"Dyno Don" in Michigan?

Dean Fait
10 years ago
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I'm looking for any race results or press release from "Dyno Don" Nicholson at Motor City Drag Strip in September of 1961. Thanks for any and all help!

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george panek
9 years ago
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try Drag news or national dragster... Don Garlitis museum has every issue for both publications.. $50 an hour to look or you can look yourself for same price. It will cut down on trying to buy issues.

I have had success finding racing results looking through the localnewspapers of where I was trying to look. Look nearest the track. Contact your local library and have then check wildcat. All the newspaper should be on microfilm. Most likely you will find results on Monday.


Newspapers.com or newspaperarchives.com to cut down on time. run name etc.

A little history, He raced a 1962 pontiac wagon super duty 421 and held the ss national record with it for quite awhie. 12.10 afx.... .

George Klass website...

Why sept. 1961?

hope this helps