A Question of History - Restoration Question

Perry Switzer
8 years ago
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Hi Everyone.I am a first time poster.I could really use some help in finding out some history of a car I recently purchased.It is a true 1932 Model B roaster with some Bonneville and Drag racing history.I bought the car from Don Marks of Phoenix who

got the car from the estate of Mike Tatum's Estate.Mike had got the car from California.It was supposedly in a fire.The car was registered at Bonneville as number 554 which is now used by a 33 Coupe.It probably ran at Bonneville and El Mirage.As well as in the 1/4

at B-Line Raceway or Mel Larson Raceway.It held a class record for 3 years I am told.

I intend on keeping the car traditional using as many original parts as I can.I have

259 Stude V8 and Ford toploader already with a Mordrop front and early Bronco

rear end,and 40 Lincoln brakes you probably get the idea.

If there is anyone out there that could help confirm some of what I have stated.I have

pictures I could post but it is aprart and primered right now.

Thank you

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