Looking for some history on a TE-440 Chassis

Dave Inglis
8 years ago
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Greetings fellow racers,fans and car people and thank you for the add in to the group.

This is my first post in Discussions, so please forgive me if I have duplicated a current discussion or breached group protocols.

I am in search of history on a 1958 Chassis Research TE-440 bare chassis that came out of California (most likely Bakersfield) in the late '50s. It was said to have been a spare for a team out California, but it was never used and traveled up and down the west coast for some time, before it was purchased in Portland. When purchased in Portland the chassis had never been drilled, no holes and only had a rear end mounted. From there, it ended up in Calgary and was built up as a display car called the "Wild Thing".

The car is now owned by my son and is ready to cackle at Bakersfield and possibly the chassis could meet its' original owner.

If anyone has any information that we could follow up on, it would be greatly appreciated. It's always good to find bits of history that just add to your car!


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