In Search of 1964 USAC stock car photos

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Hello all,

I am new here to this forum, though I have been using it for a source of information several years. I have recently gotten into the habit of creating historical cars for the game NR2K3. As a lover of racing history, something struck me as amiss. Nobody has ever attempted to create a carset for any USAC Stock Car season. Obviously this is not an easy task. Records from back then are spotty and often incomplete. This means in order to identify the driver of a car, you would almost have to have followed the series back then. Despite this, I have set out on a journey to make as many cars from the 1964 season as possible. With that, I do need help locating more pictures of cars from this season. Any images posted here are greatly appreciated, and if you have links to other pages that host images I may have not already seen, feel free to share them.

Here are the cars I have in the carset thus far:

AJ Foyt, Parnelli Jones, Sal Tovela, Joe Leonard, Bruce Jacobi, Elmo Langley, Don White, Rodger Ward, Gary Bettenhausen, Bay Darnell, Jim Hurtubise, Norm Nelson, Fred Lorenzen, and Darel Dieringer.

Cars I have images of, but have yet to create:

Lloyd Ruby, Curtis Turner, Dempsey Wilson, Sam Sauer, Don Kilborn, Don Schisler (he did compete but the records only use his last name), Bob Christie, Jack Bowsher, Clem Proctor, Herb Shannon, and Whitey Gerken.

I know I am missing some big ones like Bobby Unser and Bobby Marshman. Any other photos of cars from this season will be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks in advance!

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TMC Chase
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1965 vs 1964, but The Henry Ford Collection has several images from the 1965 Yankee 300 at IRP.

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