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Dear Stock Car Racing Friends,

My family name is "Lutz"

and in my family genealogy i have a lot of Lutz those emigrated to US ... p.e. in Geneva, NB, Pekin, IL, San Francisco CA, Atlanta GE, Stone Mountain GE, Boise ID and other places ....

Of course Bill Lutz was from Kentucky ... but he was the only driver in NASCAR with my family name ...

In that way .... one of my next scale model projects in scale 1/25 will be to built these scene see below ....

Scenewith four cars in the 1960 Daytona NASCAR Grand National race with:

60 Starliner #44 Bill Lutz
59 Impala #67 David Pearson
60 Catalina #63 Whitey Gerken
59 Impala #76 Larry Frank

Cars can be made from the AMT Starliner, Revell Impala and Trumpeter Bonneville (AMT Promo kit isnt avialable in Europe) kits and decals by aftermarket manufacturing ...

My question is: Which colors had the bodies of the cars?

I found a picture of the David Pearson Impala in red color, same year but other sponsor.

Anybody of you knews the colors of the other three cars?

thanx 4your efforts

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