Dave Tolliver2

"Undefeated in 1966"

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My father, Jim Tolliver built the engine, trans, & rearend & set up for this drag car in 1966. It did not loose a race that year. 1966 Chevy ll, 327 cid, 4 speed munci, 5:13 posi, and modified in many ways. Pacific Raceway, Kent, Wa.
Richard Gouldman
@richard-gouldman   12 years ago
Dave, I attended a race at Pacific Raceway around '66 or '67 when I was in the Army at Fort Lewis Washington. I can't recall much detail other than a couple of big name top fuelers were there that day. I wish I could remember who, as I don't know that those drivers ever came to the east coast to compete. If you have knowledge of that era and areaperhaps you could name some of the popular fuel competitors that ran around '66-'67. I believe I would recognize some names if mentioned.Thanks, Dickie Gouldman, Powhatan Va
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