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Marshal Teague

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Bobby Williamson
@bobby-williamson   16 years ago
These are some cool shots Jerry! A lesser known fact, is that this '56 Chevy would not have been a NASCAR racer. Teague, the "king of the beach" left NASCAR in 1952 after a dispute with Bill France, sr. The remainder of Teague's career was spent in AAA and USAC. Tragically, Teague was fatally injured just days before the inaugural Daytona 500 in an ill-fated attempt to set a closed course world speed record, at Daytona, in a modified indy car. According to Smokey Yunick, Teague's possible re-instatment to NASCAR hinged on that speed attempt. Big Bill was determined that his new Daytona Speedway would eclipse Indianapolis in every possible way. Yunick also advised Teague of the aerodynamic instability of the "Sumnar Special" Indy car, slated for the attempt. Smokey accruately predicted that the car's front wheels would become airborne, and the entire propostion wold not be worth the effort.
Jerry Sims
@jerry-sims   16 years ago
I'll have to post a shot of the trunk with the "Intered in USAC Races" sticker on it, there's a USAC decal on the front fender where the NASCAR one would have been if France hadn't persisted in being France.
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