Keith Sultana

Early/Mid '70 #48 Buick - James Hylton Car

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Just purchased this vintage NASCAR. Believe it to be a James Hylton car and tracking down full history. If you have any info please let me know.
Kevin Nauta
@kevin-nauta   11 years ago
News to me...Hylton never ran a Buick on his own in Winston Cup during the 1978-80 years this car would have been in service. He ran primarily Chevrolets with an occasional Oldsmobile during this time.
Keith Sultana
@keith-sultana   11 years ago
Still tracking the info down. The guy who owned the car said it was a JD McDuffie car but I've not tracked down anything that would have him in a car like this. I'll keep searching. Lot of NASCAR folks here so will try and get someone to the shop to help me verify. Thanks Keith
David Poteat
@david-poteat   10 years ago
Have you made any progress on the Buick?
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