Ron Cooper

1962 SS/S Class Championship race Strickler won the class beating Proffitts 12.83 et with a slower 12.97. The Old Reliable II did set low et. of the class with a 12.55.

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Throughout the 10 rounds, two mean 409s were nosing their way to the top, knocking off the Pontiacs and 413s as well as other Chevys en route to the last go. At long last, it was east versus west. Strickler and Proffitt had driven their Chevys through the toughest stock car field ever gathered to meet in the sport's most important race of the year for stock iron. Cars were brought to the staging area, where frantic attempts were made to cool the now overworked engines. At the signal, both '62s roared to the line. Popular Bob Beazer from Canada carefully rolled the chargers up to the lights. Starter Errara signaled for the drivers' nods. All was ready for the big run. The flag tipped to a good start; two Chevys broke out of the gate, engines whining at peak rpm to gain the slightest lead because e.t.s by both cars promised to make this one very close. Down the strip they traveled to the roar of the crowd. Booming their way over the 1,320, with skillful shifts made at amazing speed, it was bumper to bumper, and when the Chrondek win- light flashed and announced Strickler the winner, Easterners came unglued and let go an ear-splitting victory yell. Strickler chalked a 12.97 e.t., Proffitt a 12.83, and Proffitt's Chevy turned 114.06 mph.
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