Tommie Clinard

Al Briggs #24 and Bobby Johns #7A

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Daytona Beach race.
Jack Walker
@jack-walker   14 years ago
Great Shot !!
Johnny Mallonee
@johnny-mallonee   14 years ago
round poles on a beach course makes for a weird turn
Jack Walker
@jack-walker   13 years ago
Looks to be the 1954 M-S race. Bobby Johns (7-A) finished 15th, Johnny Thompson (222) finished 43rd, and Al Briggs (24) finished 52nd. .........Jack
Tommie  Clinard
@tommie-clinard   13 years ago
Jack, We knew Al Briggs as he was from Lake Worth, Fla. and raced at our home track, Palm Beach Speedway.Tragically Al was killed the following year 1955 at Daytona in a fiery crash. He was badly burned and died from the burns. He had built a new car to run at the Beach and he was very proud of it. He did not have the funds to build a front running car but he was there, PBS, every week doing what he loved to do. Race.
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