wayne hunter

1968 Greenville Pickens

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wayne hunter # 82 Ralph Earnhardt in blue shirt dale in front of him in white shirt against fence. this was the good old days
Johnny Mallonee
@johnny-mallonee   15 years ago
i remember this car in fact i can almost say we were there also and taking pictures was not on the agenda back then thanks for another flashback wane nothing like reviving those-------------------------------------memories
Mike Hogan
@mike-hogan   15 years ago
Was built by "Hendrix" the forerunner of Hendrick Motorsports LOL
Darby Dillard
@darby-dillard   8 years ago
My Uncke, Lane Safriet, raced Late Models at Concord Speedway back in 1073-75. I remember Ralph before he passed.  After he passed. It seems as if I can remember Dale coming to Concord before he started on asphalt.
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