Alan Woodard


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A rare find. Tom Usry's Buck Baker Racing Series Pickup from the early eighties. Tom won numerous races with this truck. I have acquired this piece of local racing history and am going to restore it. I am hoping to find pictures and history pretaining to this racing series. Any information will be greatly appreciated
Alan Woodard
@alan-woodard   11 years ago
Hi Billy, the control arms are gone. I do not recall exactly the orgin of the truck but I think it was orginally a LMS car. Iintend on talking to Jesse and Johnnie before long tosee what all they do remember about the construction and equipment on the truck. I went to a few races with Tom when he ran this but my main focus was working with Glenn Sears at that time so I do not recall exactly how everything was on the truck. Any information you have about the truck and the series would be greatly appreciated. Do you know how to get up with Johnnie? I am looking forward to doing this project as Tom was a dear friend especially in his later years. I hope to get it in shape to participate in some of the vintage race car shows. Thanks
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