Real Race Tracks Do not make the “Lists” for Many of Today's Writers
Monday January 24 2011, 12:04 PM

by Randy Myers

Since becoming a “seasoned” citizen, I clearly have too much time on my hands. I am afraid I have become somewhat of an internet “junkie” over the past few months and since I grew up around racing, I have found some interesting web-sites that feature what the writers associated with those sites think is the only racing around. Most of the articles and blogs concern themselves with something to do with some sort of phone “cup” or insurance “wide” or camping “trucks”.

Whenever possible I try to do a little background on the writers involved (or at least look up their photos). I have found many of them professing great knowledge and opinion of the sport of racing to appear to be much younger than I, therefore leading me to believe most of them have little knowledge of “real” racing and the history of the sport they pontificate (how’s that for a 50-cent word?) on. Don’t get me wrong. I harbor no ill-will towards any of them and they are certainly entitled, as am I, to their opinions.

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Dave Fulton
@dave-fulton   3 years ago
Amen, brother Myers. 
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