RacersReunion Top 50 Crew Chiefs Of All Time
Saturday February 12 2011, 10:24 PM

RacersReunion Top 50 Crew Chiefs Of All Time

Photo Courtesy Ray Lamm Collection

[caption id="attachment_4488" align="alignright" width="300"]Smokey Smokey[/caption]

Recently we decided to attempt to come up with a list of the top fifty (50) stock car racing crew chiefs of all time. We began by having folks list anyone they felt should be included. There were one hundred fifty (150) names compiled from that initial request. It was indeed an impressive list.

We then asked for a vote using that list of one hundred fifty. Those who voted include fans, historians, drivers, crew chiefs, mechanics, and car owners. The guidelines for voting were simply to consider how much each crew chief advanced the sport and to compare them to those who competed in their same era. Here are the results in the order beginning with most votes received.

1.Smokey Yunick, 2.Dale Inman, 3.Banjo Mathews, 4.Jake Elder, 5.Bud Moore, 6.Junior Johnson, 7.Robert Yates, 8.Leonard Wood, 9.Ralph Moody, 10.Travis Carter, 11.Waddell Wilson, 12.Ray Fox, 13.Ray Evernham, 14.Barry Dodson,

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