Songs, Time and Race Drivers
Tuesday June 17 2014, 8:47 PM

Songs, Time and Race Drivers

Legendtorial for June 17, 2014

Jim Croce, one of my favorite singers from back in the day, had a number of songs I really liked.  One was “Time in a Bottle” which they played at my son’s High School Graduation and it did put a lump in my throat as I thought how very true it was that I wish I could have saved time in a bottle to open that bottle and live the good times over again.  Another Croce song I liked was “Bad, Bad, Lee Roy Brown”. Even though the thought of antagonizing Lee Roy Brown was not appealing to me, the imagine projected by that song reminded me of so many people I knew back then, especially some of those around the dirt tracks where I spent most of my time when I wasn’t working.  Finally, one of the songs I really liked, and who could guess, was “Rapid Roy, That Stock Car Boy”.  Yep, did smoke back them but I never could master keeping a pack of cigarettes “rolled up in my t-shirt sleeve”.

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