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Tuesday May 12 2015, 8:02 PM

Members Only

Legendtorial for May 12, 2015

Perhaps some of you will remember when the "Members Only" windbreaker type jackets were popular with the younger set back in the late 80s.  Those jackets came in many different colors and were the choice of the high school kids who either hung out with the "In crowd" or hoped to.  As for Ann and I, we were quite familiar with those jackets, as our son just "had to have one".  We got his first one for Christmas in his junior year in high school.  It was a maroon one as I recall.  Between his return to school in January and the end of cool weather calling for those jackets, we went through maroon, black, white, blue, cream, another black, a red one and a couple others.  Our boy simply could not keep up with his jackets. 

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