My Perspective - The Fall of NASCAR
Tuesday June 23 2015, 7:37 PM

My Perspective - The Fall of NASCAR

Growing up, I was mesmerized by the sport of NASCAR.  It was sports all the time at home: one TV would have baseball, another football, and the little four incher had NASCAR.  There was other racing out there, but it wasn’t special like this!  As a young’un, I wanted to be a NASCAR driver.  I wanted to be just like Jeff Gordon and even one day replace him in that rainbow #24 car!  In fact, if I had been born as a little rich boy, maybe I would be replacing him, as everyone else in the sport grew up watching Jeff… the rest have been around for so little time, relatively speaking, that I remember each one being a rookie.

But I wasn’t born as a little rich boy.  Now having graduated from college, I look at the sport and realize that I sacrificed fame and fortune for something better: for being a decent person with a strong will.  I struggle in my walk in the Lord, but I’d rather struggle than just sell my soul for a few million dollars, although I could badly use about 400 grand at the moment.

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