Buddy Baker The Gentle Giant
Tuesday August 18 2015, 6:46 PM

Buddy Baker The Gentle Giant

Legendtorial for August 18, 2015

We lost Buddy Baker The Gentle Giant.  Since learning that he had cancer, we knew it was coming, but the words still came with a sting. Since the death of Elzie Wylie Baker, Jr., these words have appeared in print and have been heard repeatedly on television and radio broadcasts.  Buddy Baker passed away on August 10, after a short experience with lung cancer.  Please especially note that I did not use the trite comment "battle with cancer" for had it been a battle, I have no doubt Buddy would have prevailed.  Cancer took the giant with the huge right foot from us at age 74, after a life filled with memories for all of us who are race fans, or who may have encountered the always-exuberant Buddy in any circumstance.

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