The Oval Office is of Little Importance
Tuesday October 20 2015, 8:13 PM

The Oval Office is of Little Importance

Legendtorial for October 20, 2015


Tim LeemingYes, the "oval office" is of little importance in the world of today's NASCAR Cup racing. For the purposes of this Legendtorial, let us use the analogy that the "oval office" is a racetrack, the racecar is the cubical, and the driver is the employee.  Further, for purposes of this Legendtorial, participation in "The Chase" is deemed to be one seeking a Christmas bonus for outstanding performance on the job.  Now that we've gotten that covered, let me freely admit that I used this title in an effort to attract attention to this post with all the political news making minute-by-minute headlines.  I almost entitled it "Can you Trump this?" but elected to go with the oval office.

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