Wait for it... Wait for it... You Know It's Coming
Tuesday November 3 2015, 7:51 PM

Wait for it...Wait for it...You Know It's Coming

Legendtorial for November 3, 2015


LegendLet's begin the night with a reminder about this coming Saturday's RacersReunion adventure to Mooresville, NC. We will meet at the North Carolina Auto Racing Hall of Fame at 10:00 a.m. for a full day of honoring racing history.  Please see the Forum Post I put up for more information and the location of the N.C. Auto Racing Hall of Fame.  I have been to all three places we intend to visit Saturday and it is almost impossible for me to designate a favorite, as I love it all.  Each place is dedicated to the preservation of racing history, which is dear to my heart.  While we are on this subject, my special thanks go out to Bob Hissom who has worked behind the scenes in behalf of this trip.  I do hope many of you; all of you in the Charlotte-Mooresville-Hickory areas of North Carolina and within reasonable driving distance will join us for at least part of the day, if not all.  The costs of all the planned events is very reasonable and well worth what we will contribute to the efforts of both Memory Lane Museum and the N.C. Auto Racing Hall of Fame to ensure the history and heritage of the sport are presented properly to future generations and to the young fans coming along even now.

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