Which Are You - A Sitter or a Lion?
Tuesday May 3 2016, 8:20 PM

Which Are You- A Sitter or a Lion?

Legendtorial for May 3, 2016

Tim LeemingWhich are you?  The Roman sitting in the Coliseum, or one of the Christians trying to deal with the lions trying to eat you?  Unless you are some foolhardy adventure seeker, I'm guessing  you would rather be sitting on those stone seats seeing the blood, brains and guts of terrified Christians splattering the ground as the lions do their work.  When it is all over, all the entertained Romans wander home anticipating the next such "entertaining" afternoon at the Coliseum.  Yes, folks, as all you familiar with history, you know that happened all those many years ago.  You do realize, of course, that such events still take place these days but it’s now called NASCAR racing at places like Daytona and Talladega.  Especially Talladega as you would know if you happened to watch any of Sunday's race, or Saturday's XFinity for that matter.  Cars flying through the air with the greatest of ease in spite of Jack Rousch's remarkable roof flaps.  Cars were being shortened by six feet from impact with the walls, SAFER Barrier walls no less.  The Xfinity race was won, not by the first car to cross the line, but the car BELOW the out-of-bounds double yellow lines actually crossing the line somewhere around fourth or fifth.  Oh, I understand that under the convoluted inane rules of NASCAR, that's the way it had to be, but I take an exception to throwing the yellow flag with the lead cars less than 100 yards from deciding the real winner of the race. 

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