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Plenty of Augusta racing history on this site, Brandon! Welcome.

Hello I am Brandon C. Rumph and I am relatively new to racing history. I am from the Augusta, GA area and am the Vice President of Augusta International Raceway Preservation Society. My connection to racing history is through my cousin Joe Rumph. For those unfamiliar with Joe`s story. He got his start in NASCAR by building Cotton Owens`s, Buck Baker`s and Charlie Rush`s engines when they drove for FJ Bland. Then in 1952, when Buck went to the NASCAR Speedway Division, Joe built his engine. Buck would win the race at Darlington as well as the inaugural championship that year. Then in 1956, for one race he built Junior Johnson`s engine. This one race just so happened to be the beach race where Junior went flipping. He then went to Holman Moody and stayed there til he retired sometime in the 70s. He was the cam grinder at HM and got Larry Wallace hired on there. I never got to meet Joe due to him dying in 1986. That was 14 years prior to my birth