Carl Kiekhaefer Racing
Members : 12
Description: No doubt that Carl Kiekhaefer took NASCAR by storm in 1955 and 1956. The things He brought to the sport were unheard of at the time, like car transports, team uniforms, testing, and the muilt-team concept. He was the Rick Hendrick of his time.
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Dave MacDonald - In Memoriam
Description: Dave MacDonald's driving career was all to short, but his accomplishments in all forms of motorsports is just plain incredible. Join me in honoring Dave's skills as a driver in pictures so he won't be forgotten.
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The International drivers of Sports and F-1 take on NASCAR
Description: This club pays tribute to the great drivers who crossed over from Formula 1 and endurance sports car racing and found out...."it wasn't so easy!"
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NASCAR's Enduro Stock Cars
Description: In the mid-1970's the big block stock cars of NASCAR entered the world of endurance racing in events like the 24 Hours of Daytona and LeMans
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NASCAR's Convertible Division (Remembering)
Description: This club is for those of us that love the "rumblin rag tops" of NASCAR's short lived, but fabulous Convertible Division. 1956 thru 1959
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Joe Lee Johnson - In Memoriam
Description: Joe Lee Johnson will be remembered for winning the first World 600 at Charlotte and for being the last NASCAR Convertible Division Champion in 1959
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Johnnie Beauchamp
Members : 17
Description: Johnnie Beauchamp will long be remembered for the 1959 Daytona 500 finish with Lee Petty and the 1961 crash with Lee Petty at Daytona
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Jimmy Pardue - In Memoriam
Description: Jimmy Pardue was a heading for stock car stardom,but was lost to us while tire testing at Charlotte in 1964
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Jim Reed - In Honor Of
Members : 19
Description: Jim Reed was a 5 time NASCAR short track champion 1953-1957 and the winning driver of the 1959 Southern 500 at Darlington
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Billy Wade Remembrance
Members : 20
Description: Billy Wade was the first NASCAR driver to win 4 events in a row doing that accomplishment in 1964 driving for Bud Moore
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Ken Miles "the Hawk"
Members : 12
Description: Ken Miles is best known for his accomplishments in endurance racing and especially driving the Ford GT and the Cobra
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Norm Nelson
Members : 16
Description: Norm Nelson was a highly successful stock car driver winning 3 USAC titles and 5 Championships as a car owner.
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