Billy & Barbara Scott


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Billy Scott and Dale Earnhardt -During all the visits, this was the only time pictures were made, in home. Wish more had been made. These were made near Father's Day.
Picture was autographed during last visit to Billy's home,1990's. When he autographed it, he said,"Now you've got something no one else has got", to which I replied "Everyone in the world has your autograph. "Not like this" he replied. I took the picture to see he had,"Love you". That was the Dale we were blessed to know since he was 15.
Leon Phillips
@leon-phillips   14 years ago
Great Story 2 Great Champions
@terlank   14 years ago
That is so cool...Billy and Barbara.
David Alfred Bayer
@david-alfred-bayer   14 years ago
I suspected, and you know best, that Sr. was a nice guy and I've heard a good Christian. And I'll be honest, I wish he had revealed this side, his true self, more.We love you of course, I hope we meet someday in person, and I have to admit, as to Sr., I do miss the ole curmudgeon. Even his detractors would have to admit, never was there more talent behind the wheel, that is unless we could have seen you get a real chance, Billy! And there was an old boy up here named Fluff Furo I will need to tell you about someday, never enough money, overacheived like no one I've ever seen. But those FI and Rallye guys could not hold a candle to that raw talent that WAS Sr., I don't believe.Dave B.
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