Brent Travillion

The King "cruising" to his car on Pit Road

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Richard Petty is the "coolest".
Brent Travillion
@brent-travillion   13 years ago
I'd say. That doesn't look like a Schwinn to me! But you have to appreciate the Basket from the Ontario photo with a big STP sticker on it.
TMC Chase
@tmc-chase   13 years ago
No question. Any ol' driver can swig a Coke stuck in their hand by a PR guy. It takes a true King to tool around on a bike with an STP-emblazoned Toto basket.
Dennis Granger
@dennis-granger   12 years ago
That's Henry walking behind him
Dave Fulton
@dave-fulton   7 years ago
Right, Dennis Granger - that IS the late Henry Benfield, gas man and truck driver for the Junior Johnson team walking behind the King on his STP bike.
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