• 1982 #42 Kyle Petty
  • Dick May
  • '60 Petty Plymouth
  • '71 Petty Plymouh Front
  • Dale Jarrett '91 Ford T-Bird
  • Petty '69 Ford Torino
  • Petty '70 Roadrunner
  • Petty '71 Plymouth
  • Watermelon Capital Speedway
  • The King and his Court
  • Feature Winner South GA Motorsports Park
  • Watermelon Capital Speedway Georgia
  • #9 Bill Elliott
  • #11 Buddy Baker
  • #30 Tighe Scott
  • 67petty
  • Marty Robbins
paul mascitti
@paul-mascitti   13 years ago
....from what i remember out this car, Petty Ent. took some of the STP $$ they were getting and rented the Hoss Ellington ride for Kyle for a number of races.( this was the beginning of Kyle starting to imagine a life of driving cars that did'nt belong to the family operation...i.e.=Wood Bros.,Sabco,etc...)
paul mascitti
@paul-mascitti   13 years ago
....also, if anyone's interested,i've got lots of ''old school" PETTY ENTERPRISES decals in all sizes
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